About Us

footealcarboxy.pro is an IQ site designed to help you sharpen your brain. It will also help you check your current IQ level. Once you take our IQ test which is comprised of 20 questions, you will be sent a detailed report which will tell you where your IQ falls.

Most of our customers love our report since it shows them where they stand and what they need to focus on to improve further. It provides them an insight into what kind of IQ questions to practice further.

The base IQ might be hereditary but it can always be improved with proper and continuous efforts. We have seen our client double their IQ in just a few months of time.

To get started and take our IQ test, just click on the "Start IQ Test" button and you will be able to answer the questions. For any queries, feel free to get in touch with us through our "Contact" page.